Save Money and Clean Your Paintbrushes Yourself Is there anything vinegar can’t do? If you’re gearing up for a big paint job and take your brushes out only to find them rigid with dry paint, boil them. In vinegar. Hot, rolling vinegar will disperse the paint and revitalize the bristles. Get yourself an old, deep… Read MoreRead More

Hammer a Nail—Not Your Hand?!? There’s nothing like hammering a nail perfectly. There’s an art to it. Hitting the nail square on the head. The problem is, it might not happen all the time—just like the idiom suggests. To assuage your fear of bashing your fingertips while driving a nail into a harder material that… Read MoreRead More

Tip No.2 – Never thought of it but it makes sense now… what they mean is dry just after painting – so basically you can’t try this months after your painting project is dry.… Read More