We were able to finally laser print our very first picture today. Although we haven’t mastered the techniques yet, we are still working on it. But it gives us hope that we will be able to print photos of people and other things in the future. Check out this cool pic below: This is a… Read MoreRead More

Hey guys, the moment is finally here for us to reveal our laser CNC engraving and cutting. We can now laser cut and engrave any design, photos or pictures onto wood, perspex, glass (still experimental, but we can always try your idea) and we think we can do Aluminium (still need to test that one… Read MoreRead More

Apart from all our other websites that we already have. We have decided to buy another website domain. We named the domain after our companies registered name, which is Flying Rocker pty (Ltd). So the latest website is… flyingrocker.co.za, all though it is still under construction. We are working as fast as we can to… Read MoreRead More

Here are a few examples of the possibilities that our CNC Machine can do. We are still working on 3D Engraving. We can cut and engrave on any wood, Aluminum and plastic. If you have the example we can make it. Orders can be placed via email (with photos or examples please): info@flyingrocker.co.za, or to… Read MoreRead More