Did you know Cheri Tree has embarked on a new assignment? That’s right we are sticking to the line of carpentry, but we are starting a new range of products: Customized signs!

That’s right we have decided to make new signs like these for you. This specific sign was made and installed by the Cheri Tree team for a dear customer of ours. These signs can come in various shapes, sizes, colors, fonts and wood. E.g. this signs wood came all the way from India donated to us from another client who imported goods from India in crates. He was about to through all that beautiful wood away when we asked him if we could maybe have it. He gladly gave us the wood as it was a win – win situation. He cleared his yard out while we scored more wood to make beautiful creations like this. The specific wood used for this sign is mango wood. Its apparently very common in India like pine is in South Africa. We cut the names out and stuck it to a back board of the same wood. But instead of varnishing the sign, we only varnished the back plank which allows the name to stand out more.

If you would like your name made into 3D  through wood you can contact us through the following channels below:

0813920467 or info@handymanservice.co.za with any wood related projects which you might like us to build for you. Contact us for prices.

Stay tuned for the next step of this product!