Decor Pretoria Handyman is a place where anyone & everyone who loves wood will feel at home. We aim to give the best quality brands this world has ever seen. We enjoy our job and strive to do our very best to keep our customers happy. We range anything from custom Hand-made Furniture, custom designed signs and even wood furniture repairs.

Want to make your house more Cabin like – Give your house more of a outdoor woods type of feel.

Why not try some of our stylish wood furniture and kitchen cupboards. With us you make the choice of what you want your product to look like…

Not sure what exactly you want?

Why not check out some of our already made custom design signs. You might wanna go ahead and buy something online.

Click on our “Contact Us?” button and tell us your idea of what you would want us to make for you, and we’ll get back to as soon s possible with the price that would be most suitable for your request. If what you ask for is not possible in our lines of skills we will most definitely come up with an alternative to compensate for your preferences.

We love wood, and we also love saving the environment, our wood is only salvaged wood. We only use “junk wood”. People see these poor trees as junk and often throw away quality standard wood because it might have a crack in it or its wood to small for its purpose. People throw away so much wood every single day yet they cut down so many trees and think they don’t have enough wood. Instead of recycling wood people will rather throw it away like lazy bums.

That is why we are asking everyone who recognizes this site, to contact us if you have any unwanted wood. We will come collect it in the Pretoria area. All our products are salvaged, “throw away” wood.


Thanks for all the support we are getting from everyone. We would love to hear your thoughts on our products and some suggestions you might have. Enjoy and take care, till next time.