Handyman News & Tips

Flying Rocker – Picture printing

We were able to finally laser print our very first picture today. Although we haven’t mastered the techniques yet, we are still working on it. But it gives us hope that we will be able to print photos of people and other things in the future. Check out this cool pic below: This is a… Read More

Step Lights

The other day a client came to us and asked us to install some step lights for him, cause people kept on tripping over the steps at night. We were asked to make it look as clean and neat as possible, so that you couldn’t see the wires on the steps or on the sides… Read More

Flying Rocker – Laser engraving and Carving

So today we finally got our very first successful laser engraving that we could cut a word out of as well! We have been searching for patterns that would work if we cut out words with them, but also work with the theme of the word. For example: Love = hearts. So we laser engraved… Read More

Flying Rocker – Our very first engraving

Great news. We have completed our very first laser engraving ever. I think it looks great even if I say so myself. But our laser engravings don’t just stop there. We also do photos, other types of pictures, Names and Words and much more. What ever you can think of in art we most probably… Read More

Flying Rocker – Laser printing

Hey guys, the moment is finally here for us to reveal our laser CNC engraving and cutting. We can now laser cut and engrave any design, photos or pictures onto wood, perspex, glass (still experimental, but we can always try your idea) and we think we can do Aluminium (still need to test that one… Read More

Coming Soon – Flyingrocker.co.za

Apart from all our other websites that we already have. We have decided to buy another website domain. We named the domain after our companies registered name, which is Flying Rocker pty (Ltd). So the latest website is… flyingrocker.co.za, all though it is still under construction. We are working as fast as we can to… Read More

Flying Rocker – Exciting first Week

Wow what an exciting first we had. This was our first official week of making exciting new products with our new CNC Machine. We found lots of new and exciting templates that we wanna try out next week and in the months and years to come. We also got to try out a few new… Read More

Flying Rocker – Name Sign Examples

So here are a few examples of sign names that we have made so far. We have been experimenting with with MDF wood and paints we have found lying around the workshop all day. I am quite chuffed with the results, even if I say so myself. If you want your name carved out like… Read More

Flying Rocker – Test Paint Example

So today we decided to play around with a few spray paints we found lying around the workshop. We figured whilst we not using the stuff why not try experimenting with a few colors on our MDF wood examples. This is just one of the results we got done today. We still want to paint… Read More

Flying Rocker – CNC engraving, CNC carving, CNC lasering + Installation if needed

Well I know we have been talking a lot about about CNC carving,engraving and lasering this past week or so. But that is only because we are so excited about getting our new products out there. We can engrave names, words anything you can imagine. We can laser out photo’s picture frame decorations etc. Want… Read More