Pretoria handyman is situated in Pretoria west. We will come to your house and repair your home with a smile.

We will gladly repair your home big or small problems in your home no matter what the problem may be.

Our most trusted team will give you a service with a smile. We will get the job done, no questions asked. We do carpentry, welding, repairs etc. We break it. We fix it. Isn’t it so annoying when you get someone to fix your home and they either run away with your money or they leave your house more broken than when they first came to repair your house.

Don’t you wish you could get a reliable handyman that wont run away with your money and if they break it they fix it no extra cost.

We are that handyman company. You can always call us and we’ll be there as soon as possible, once you’ve experienced our services you won’t ever need another handyman.