Save Money and Clean Your Paintbrushes Yourself

Is there anything vinegar can’t do?

If you’re gearing up for a big paint job and take your brushes out only to find them rigid with dry paint, boil them. In vinegar. Hot, rolling vinegar will disperse the paint and revitalize the bristles.

Get yourself an old, deep saucepan and pour in enough white vinegar to submerge the bristles. The cheap stuff will do the trick just as easily. Rest the paintbrushes bristles down against the rim of the pot (or suspend them so the bristles don’t bend) and boil those suckers for a few minutes. While you won’t see the paint disappear before your very eyes, once the vinegar cools and you wash your brush, the chips will just fall right off. Repeat as necessary.


Oh, and as a bonus trick, line your paint trays with a plastic bag that wraps around the entire thing before you pour your paint. It’ll save it forever. Just be sure the bag is big enough to conform to the actual shape of the tray.

Hopefully these ten tips can help you cultivate a handyman reputation. We tried to hit most every room or at least part of any feasible project that someone could ask for your help. And this knowledge just might help you steer the conversation away from sports stats the rest of us are too busy to care about.