View some of our Completed Projects Below…

Flying Rocker – Picture printing

We were able to finally laser print our very first picture today. Although we haven’t mastered the techniques yet, we are still working on it. But it gives us hope that we will be able to print photos of people and other things in the future. Check out this cool pic below: This is a… Read MoreRead More

Step Lights

The other day a client came to us and asked us to install some step lights for him, cause people kept on tripping over the steps at night. We were asked to make it look as clean and neat as possible, so that you couldn’t see the wires on the steps or on the sides… Read MoreRead More

Flying Rocker – Laser engraving and Carving

So today we finally got our very first successful laser engraving that we could cut a word out of as well! We have been searching for patterns that would work if we cut out words with them, but also work with the theme of the word. For example: Love = hearts. So we laser engraved… Read MoreRead More