As our Company is an ever growing and ever changing Company so is our Products. We strive to make the best quality Wood Products that is possible, with endless possibilities of wood creation, we are constantly trying out new creations. Those in which we succeed in making worthy of selling they will land on our website, if not we don’t bother selling rather we use these failed attempts for another creation.

Our Products are 100% salvaged wood. We have made a commitment to our friendly trees out there that we will not cut growing trees down, but rather use those that have already been cut down and left to rot or thrown away by previous owners who no longer need them or can’t find ways to fix them. That’s the wood we use, we use your old broken wooden furniture, tables, chairs, crates, etc. anything which is wood and is unwanted that is the wood we use to create the products that you love most.

We take the old and Make it new all over again, we cant save the trees which have been cut down already, but we sure can make them shine even after they are long gone.

So why not check out our products list NOW!!

You’ll never know it was salvaged wood unless we told you. 😉

Also Check out our Handyman Service lists, we are not just a creation  company but also a true Handyman Service, we do anything Handyman Services do, we can do it.

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