For those of you who are new here and are wondering about all the services we provide here is a list of just a few of the services we provide: Carpentry – For all your woody needs Welding – So you never have to worry about your security again Painting – Bring some colour back… Read MoreRead More

Did you know that Pretoria Handyman Services specializes in a wide range of Maintenance Categories one such as Welding. We do repairs, maintenance and create new things out of Steel. We have a special team set out just for Welding specifically. Whether you need a new gate made, an old palisade or even an old… Read MoreRead More

One of our clients came to us and asked us to re-spray an old steel table and 8 steel chairs. The table has old wooden decking planks that have unfortunately been warped and has a lot of weather damage. This is what it looks like right now: Completed product coming soon! Stay tuned for the… Read MoreRead More

We now also serve Cape town its surrounding areas. Handyman Maintenance Carpentry Welding Security Property clean-up Iur team awaiting your call – ready to fix and build. Call us now 081 392 0467… Read More

We can help fix your broken Gate… We will send one of our professional welding teams over to you and get it fixed! Call us now 081 392 0467… Read More